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    Profesyonel Üye

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    default HF-1nsane

    Mesaj tarafından ukyo29 Bir Çarş. Ara. 01 2010, 12:30


    1nsane | PC game | Genre: Racing | 119 Mb | HF

    Are you crazy enough to go off-road with the true bullies of the demolition derbies? Choose one of more than 20 vehicles to take into competition against some seriously deranged foes. Enjoy awesome, 3D graphics as you try to bash your opponents into submission. There are no guns, bombs, homing missiles, or fireballs to help you out of this mess; you ll have to rely on good, old-fashioned strategy and strength. Up to eight players can get in on the derby via an Internet connection.


    * More than 20 vehicles
    * awesome graphics
    * brutal gameplay
    * several global locations
    * eight-player action via Internet

    PC Cheat Code main menu and type the following codes:
    Hile:Aşağıdaki kodları ana menüdeyken yazın:
    GOKARTZ small-wheeled vehicles
    BIGFOOTZ large-wheeled vehicles
    BIGHEADZ large-headed drivers
    BOXERZ Large-headed and big-footed drivers

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