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    Hard Truck Apocalypse


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    rs Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Mesaj tarafından Str!k3R Bir Çarş. Tem. 01 2009, 09:10

    Hard Truck Apocalypse

    TITLE: Hard Truck Apocalypse
    GENRE: Action
    DEVELOPER: NIVAL Targem Studio
    US PUBLISHER: CDV Software Entertainment USA

    The plot puts you in a post-apocalyptic world. You enter the reality of the year 223 since Great Cataclysm. The world we knew was erased as the result of a mysterious accident. In less than one

    hour the most part of the world population disappeared. Those who survived try to adapt to new conditions. There are new cities and settlements with trading alliances and mobsters. The vital

    transport hubs are controlled by gangsters and pillagers. Hence, armored heavy truck drivers have become the only resisting force against the “shadow” elements.

    You are to drive through dangerous regions of the new Earth with its mysterious places and hostile habitants. Your ultimate goal is to reveal the guarded secrets of the lost civilization. Your

    heavy truck is the only hope. You will need it to travel, earn your lining and fight your way through the perilous areas. It’s crucial that you continuously upgrade your truck. Your ability to

    equip smartly your “iron buddy” will make or break the success of your journey. So, go to towns and villages, trade with them, help them and you are sure to raise the cash required for powerful

    weapon and new gadgets.

    The action and the RPG elements are closely intertwined to create a stunning game experience: the action part embraces the driving, chilling combats with the use of wide range of destructive

    weapons; the RPG part allows you equipping your truck to flee your enemies from battle field. Unveil the fate of the mankind. Joining with powerful allies come over the resistance of deadly


    * Modify and upgrade five basic truck models to turn them in the mighty fighting machines.
    * Test more than 30 types of weapon to find the ones that will instill awe in your enemies.
    * Defeat numerous enemies such as battle trucks, war transports, robots, infantry, 4 big and 12 small bosses.
    * Accomplish random challenges which will appear on your way.
    * Submerge into realistic driving and combat physics to learn what it takes to handle battle machine.
    * Experience stunning 3D graphics enriched with spectacular vehicle damage and weapon effects.
    * Develop your trading skills using your truck as the mean of destruction and transportation.

    700 MB


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    rs Geri: Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Mesaj tarafından serhattopal Bir Salı Eyl. 01 2009, 13:24

    ahh bide az part olsaa

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    rs Geri: Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Mesaj tarafından is_for_you Bir Paz Kas. 29 2009, 09:03

    Sağ olasın güzel paylaşım


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    rs Geri: Hard Truck Apocalypse

    Mesaj tarafından fekmax Bir Çarş. Ocak 27 2010, 14:00

    inş indirrim


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    rs Geri: Hard Truck Apocalypse

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